Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical hair loss treatment in that organic pigments are implemented within the dermal layer of the scalp, mimicking the look of a naturally shaved head. It is a solution to problems when hair transplantation is not probable. Although micro pigmentation caters to the problem of baldness, not everyone can be given micro pigmentation several specific criteria in determining the implementation of this micro pigmentation. Our hair specialist will check these criteria. Micropigmentation is a receding hairline treatment that serves as an alternative to formulating the appearance or coloring of the scalp as if there is hair. It should be clarified that It is always an illusion because all the dots are drawn on the head, and the same color as the hair will cover many areas where hair is missing or scars.

Generally, capillary mic micro pigmentation is very fond of the head, where the hair is shaved and grows only a little. But we don’t know of cases where this technique may or may not be frowned upon when you have long hair. For this reason, we will detail how micro pigmentation can be used on long hair and the results.

receding hairline treatment

Scalp micro pigmentation in long hair; some clinics offer this system as an effective result in shaving or practically shaving. In this way, a natural look is achieved. However, people who don’t want to maintain this image and want to have slightly longer hair offer this micro pigmentation technique with the same guarantee but with a few subsections.

Essential requirements for micro pigmentation on long hair

There must be enough hair around the area to apply the micropigmentation to create a compelling blend in with the growing hair.

  • Micropigmentation should reach the natural hairline. It cannot be applied on areas that have been wholly nailed if you want to leave long hair in this case. However, it can be used when you want to shave your hair.
  • The hair color should be dark, in this case, black or dark brown.
  • Tiny dots of pigment are created in the upper dermis of the scalp. Combined with thousands of hair strands, the result is a genuinely effective camouflage. The scalp is camouflaged, making a more significant, natural hair density.

Need more clarification, it is wise to consult a professional center. Each case can be unique, and with a free appointment, they can advise you and answer any questions about receding hairline treatment.